Robotics is an engineering branch which is well known for its conceptualization, designing, development and implementation of the respective machine. SSIGMA offers one of the best robotics courses in Pune with well designed comprehensive courses and efficient skill upgradation. Robotic technology is also becoming a turning point in various sectors of society.

Course Overview

  1. Overview
  2. Actuators
  3. Data Acquisition
  4. Control System
  1. Power supply.
  2. Communication
  3. Controller Architecture
  1. Forward and Inverse kinematics
  2. Newtonian and Euler-Lagrangian mechanics
  1. Ladder diagrams
  2. Implementation
  3. Building pneumatic circuits and actuation.
  1. Startup procedure
  2. Digital I/O, variables and functions
  3. Sensor Integration
  4. Modes of Operation
  5. Shutdown procedures

Think about advanced technology in the world of Robotics that is easy to install and can be used by enterprises either big or small, to effortlessly deploy robots and revolutionize industrial manufacturing. You can easily realize we are talking about a ROBOLUTION, and that’s precisely what we bring in association with TAL BRABO.


As we are official system integrator for TAL Manufacturing Solutions Limited, we officially offer BRABO’s integration with the industrial system tailored to their needs and support by certified training on TAL BRABO for students, job seekers as well as industry personnel. This not only enhances your skills set but also increase your employability.

With 5-axis movements on-board, BRABO robots have been tested for reliability. Some of the highlights and applications of BRABO are:

  1. Consistent Performance
  2. Proven Repeatability
  3. Easy Programming
  4. Easy to Maintain
  1. Sealant/dispensing Application
  2. Pick & place /Handling
  3. Camera/Vision Based Application
  4. Machine & Press Tending
  5. Touch Testing Application
  6. Light Deburring / Polishing

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