Join the Club SSIGbotics and learn robotics with SSIGMA, get certified and efficient training at our state of art lab. We aim to train young minds by upgrading their skills and making them industry ready. comprehensive course and efficient skill up gradation by not only Theoretical approach but also with extensive Hands-on practice on Industrial ABB Robotic System . This not only enhances your skill set but also increase your employability.

Course Overview

  1. Overview
  2. Actuators
  3. Data Acquisition
  4. Control System
  1. Power supply.
  2. Communication
  3. Controller Architecture
  1. Forward and Inverse kinematics
  2. Newtonian and Euler-Lagrangian mechanics
  1. Ladder diagrams
  2. Implementation
  3. Building pneumatic circuits and actuation.
  1. Startup procedure
  2. Digital I/O, variables and functions
  3. Sensor Integration
  4. Modes of Operation
  5. Shutdown procedures

Course Syllabus

Objective of Course

To provide brief Information about the following-

  1. 1. Introduction about Safety Measures while working with Robot
  2. 2. Introduction to Components of Robot
  3. 3. Introduction to Mode of Operation.
  4. 4. Introduction to Coordinate System of Robot and Calibration
  5. 5. Introduction to Motion Programming and Teaching

After Completion of Course Candidate will be able to-

  1. 1. Take Necessary Safety Measures while working with Robot
  2. 2. Know all the Major Components of Robot
  3. 3. Mode Selection, Jogging of Robot, Calibration of Robot
  4. 4. Application Oriented Programming and Teaching of Robot
  5. 5. Taking Backup of Robot and restoring previous backup of Robot
  1. 1. Introduction to Industrial Robot
  2. 2. Manipulator, Controller, GTPU
  3. 3. Operating Modes of Robot
  4. 4. Manual Jogging of Individual Axis
  5. 5. Introduction to World Coordinate System & Jogging on World Coordinate/ Flange Coordinate/ Tool Coordinate System/ Base Coordinate System.
  6. 6. Tool Centre Point Calibration with 3/4/5 Point Method.
  7. 7. Creating new Routine, Sub-Routine, Loops and Nested Loops
  8. 8. Motion Programming
  9. 9. PTP Motion, Linear Motion and Circular Motion
  10. 10. Logical Programming
  11. 11. Wait function
  12. 12. Go to Function
  13. 13. Triggering Digital output
  14. 14. Back-up of Robot & Restoring Backup
  15. 15. Application Based Case Studies

We offer unique Robotic solutions by using products from Top Industrial Robotics companies for Integration with industrial system tailored to their needs and supported by certified training on the same for users and their engineers.

Some of the highlights and applications of ABB robot are:

  1. Consistent Performance
  2. Proven Repeatability
  3. Easy to Perform Application Oriented Programming
  4. Easy to maneuver with 3-way Joystick
  1. Foundry Applications
  2. Sealant/dispensing Application
  3. Pick & place /Handling
  4. Camera/Vision Based Application
  5. Machine & Press Tending
  6. Light Deburring / Polishing
  7. MIG/MAG Welding

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