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If you have not already started thinking about digital transformation of your business, then get ready to be surpassed or even wiped out by the competition. Because most of the visionary businesses have sensed and are gearing up to fight the challenges posed by the new bug called Industry 4.0. This new 4th industrial revolution is going to turn the things up-side down and break several long-established business paradigms. So, what’s the solution? Pull-up your sleeves and get ready for the transformation journey. Get in touch with us and we will make this journey easy, memorable and extremely productive and rewarding for you.


Our I4.0 Readiness Assessment process

To start with, you will need a robust roadmap for this journey. We help you here in a very effective way. We prepare you for the transformation by first assessing your readiness in terms of infrastructure, technology, people and processes. Using a well structured, tested and globally accepted methodology, which uses several parameters and criterions, we assess the entire facility of the client organization to determine their readiness for the industry 4.0 digital transformation and further assist them with Digital Transformation Roadmap development too. In short, we provide hand holding support in every phase of your digital transformation journey.

Employee Awareness

Before starting the readiness assessment, we conduct a comprehensive awareness training covering all employees, to bring everyone on the same page. This is key to get the best results out of the readiness assessment process.

Roadmap development

Our experts develop digital transformation roadmap in close collaboration with your team to prioritise actions inline with your resources,strategic direction and business needs.

Assessment & Gap analysis

Our experts conduct an in-depth assessment of your facility, using a highly structured and proven methodology and prepare a gap analysis report which facilitates your management to clearly understand the gaps and prioritise the actions.

Implementation and hand holding support

We help you connect with the right technology providers and hand hold you through out your transformation journey at every step, because we understand the transformation process and the pit falls very well.

Training & Consultancy Services

In the complex and fast changing business landscape today, one thing which is constant is the unprecedented need for Skilling; Upskilling and reskilling of your workforce. In fact, soon the success and survivability of any business will be determined by the importance they attach and resources they allocate to upskilling their people. We have a pool of passionate, committed and competent trainers and SMEs (Subject matter experts), who have solid hands-on experience in all facets of business operations. We can provide very effective, standard as well as customized trainings and consultancy on a variety of topics related to business excellence.

Lean Manufacturing

Lean Manufacturing principles originated in Japan more than 50 years back and are today the most effective and preferred methods of achieving business success and excellence. It’s a sure way to make any business competitive, healthy and flourishing. More and more organisations across the world are embracing LEAN to stay and grow in business and it is fast becoming a way of life for the organisations with visionary leadership. Those who do not embrace lean may be at high risk of survival.

Our LEAN experts have proven hands-on experience of implementing it in organisations and achieving business success. They work and strengthen your organisation at all the three levels – People, Processes and Technology to help you
champion and master the art of business.


Six-Sigma is a proven and powerful statistical tool to
improve any process (manufacturing or transactional) and achieve higher productivity; efficiency and customer satisfaction. It has become an essential part of the arsenal for the continual improvement in all the progressive and competitive organisations. It helps optimise the process parameters thereby eliminating variability and achieve high quality and reliability of products.

Our Six-Sigma experts have proven hands-on experience in deploying six-sigma in organisations and achieve high levels of product / service quality which in turn ensures enhanced customer satisfaction and business continuity.

Automotive Quality Management Systems (IATF 16949:2016)

IATF 16949 : 2016 is mandatory Quality Management System standard for the suppliers of automotive related products and services. Any organisation which is either currently supplying or aspires to supply automotive components or services, needs to be certified to IATF 16949 standard. This standard is highly demanding and requires the organisations to establish and maintain high level controls for its products and services. It requires the key people in the organisation to be certified Internal Quality Auditors (IQA) and also mandates use of the five core tools, known as the Automotive Core Tools.

Automotive Core Tools

Any organisation which is either currently supplying or aspires to supply automotive
components or services, needs to demonstrate application of following mandatory five tools, known as the Automotive Core Tools.

These are –

Measurement System Analysis (MSA) – This tool ensures the suitability of the measurement system for any given measurement.

Statistical Process Control (SPC) – This tool is identified as one of the most effective means of ensuring process stability.

Failure Mode Effect Analysis (FMEA) – This tool helps in incorporating the knowledge and experience of the organisation in new product and process designs thereby making the design robust and achieve zero defect.

Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) – This is systematic project management methodology to ensure that the quality planning is incorporated at each stage of product

Production Part Approval Process (PPAP) – It is a structured method to ensure that all the customer requirements are correctly understood and met.

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