Technical Skill gap analysis

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Optimize your workforce’s performance and drive productivity with SSIGMA’s Technical Skill Gap Analysis service. Our data-driven approach helps identify knowledge gaps within your team, enabling you to implement targeted training and development programs. Stay ahead of the competition by nurturing a highly skilled and proficient workforce.


Our Skill Mapping Process

Navigating Your Skill Journey

At SSIGMA, our Technical Skill Gap Analysis Process begins with a thorough assessment of your team’s technical prowess. We then pinpoint skill gaps and meticulously craft tailored training solutions. Our experts guide you through implementation and progress tracking, ensuring a skillful future for your workforce.


We conduct a comprehensive assessment of your workforce’s current technical skills and knowledge levels.

Tailored Solutions

Our experts design customized training programs to address the identified skill gaps.

Gap Identification

Based on the assessment results, we identify the areas that require improvement and enhancement.


We assist you in implementing the training programs and tracking progress.

Why SSIGMA’s Technical Skill Mapping

Data-Driven Approach

Our Technical Skill Gap Analysis process is based on data analysis and industry benchmarks, ensuring accuracy and efficiency.

Enhanced Productivity

Tailor-made Training Programs help Boost Employee Performance and Productivity

Continuous Improvement

Stay updated with evolving industry requirements and foster a culture of Continuous Learning

Strategic Workforce Planning

Technical Skill Gap Analysis Mapping enables Proactive Human Resource Management, aligning your Workforce with your Organisational Goals


Precision Workforce Optimization

Technical Skill Gap Analysis empowers precise alignment of talent with roles, enhancing operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Enhanced Employee Performance

Identify and bridge skill gaps, elevating employee capabilities, which leads to improved job satisfaction and performance.


Future-Ready WorkForce

Foster a culture of adaptability and learning, ensuring your workforce remains prepared for the challenges of an ever-evolving industrial landscape.

Streamline Resource Allocation

Technical Skill Gap Analysis streamlines resource allocation, helping you allocate the right talent to the right projects, optimising productivity and project success.


SSIGMA’s Technical Skill Gap Analysis transformed our workforce into industry champions.

SSIGMA’s Technical Skill Gap Analysis was a game-changer for our team. Their personalised approach highlighted our strengths and areas for growth. Thanks to SSIGMA, we’re now a more skilled and efficient workforce.


Here are a few Frequently Asked Questions about our Skill Mapping for Ready Reference

In the sea of Industrial Automation, SSIGMA stands as a torch-bearer of knowledge.Please read through our frequently asked questions carefully and reach out to us for any further questions

What is Skill Mapping, and why is it important?

Skill Mapping is a systematic process of assessing and identifying the skills and competencies of individuals or a team. It’s important for organizations to understand their employees’ skill sets to make informed decisions regarding training, hiring, and resource allocation.

How does Skill Mapping benefit an organization?

 Skill Mapping helps organizations identify skill gaps, optimize training programs, improve resource allocation, and make data-driven decisions for workforce development and strategic planning.

Is Skill Mapping only for large organizations?

No, Skill Mapping can benefit organizations of all sizes. Small and medium-sized businesses can use it to identify skill gaps, optimize their workforce, and enhance productivity.

Is Skill Mapping only for current employees, or can it be used during the hiring process?

Skill Mapping can be used for both current employees and during the hiring process. For new hires, it helps in identifying the right candidates based on required skills.

How can the results of Skill Mapping be used for employee development?

Skill Mapping results can be used to create personalised training and development plans, recommend relevant courses, and provide opportunities for skill enhancement.

Is Skill Mapping a one-time process, or should it be ongoing?

Skill Mapping is most effective when conducted regularly. It should be viewed as an ongoing process to adapt to changing skill requirements.


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